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The German Shepherd Dog long coat

Approved by WUSV and the FCI since 01.01.2011

  As is known, there were varieties of the German shepherd, in the 80s. There was a short and hard hair, a semi-long hair (or the half-length) and the long hair. But, later, the last two varieties were moved away by the German standard. There was only a short and hard hair in the touch. The reasons were that the long hairs had spongy bones (bad skeleton), heads possessing an imbalance between the skull and the snout and an upper prognathism. Furthermore, the long hairs did not possess a sub-hair, what made them more vulnerable to the bad weather. It is for these reasons that they were moved away by the standard, because they were unfit for work. The breeders of German shepherd made every effort to eliminate the long hair of their impacts.But the latter, always appeared in spite of the efforts. Puppies long hair from Kennel
du Domaine de l'Estuaire

   Today, 31 % of the population of the German shepherd, in France, would be long-haired. The long hair became a very sought(studied) variety for its beauty and for its very soft and pleasant(kind) character and for its very strong pigmentation. Until now, the long-haired German shepherd remained a defect eliminating heat of the standard. In France, he was born with a Pedigree, without possibility of registration(inscription) in the LOF, because he could not be confirmed.

Puppies long hair from Kennel Funken Spiel.
 Good news! Since 01.01.2011, the long-haired German shepherd again entered the history books of the race (with the opening of a new Book of the Origins), by becoming a variety of the German shepherd. He can be confirmed from now on (for France) and take part in the exhibitions in a class reserved only for the long hairs. The breeding and the selection is only authorized by long-haired long hairs. The marriages inter-varieties are formally forbidden. But attention: only the subjects possessing a sub-hair can be recognized and authorized. There is no question here of Altdeutsche Schäferhund, who becomes a full race. It is about the same size(format) of dog, about the same German standard. We shall discover more low the long-haired variety in photos.
Some photos of long hairs .... good viewing ! I thank my collaborators for having granted me the publication of their photos.

Puppy from Kennel Funken Spiel.

Thanks to Ludovic Agoutin for picture.

Thanks to Ludovic Agoutin for picture.

Thanks to Ludovic Agoutin for picture.

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