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Both lines of the German Shepherd Dog

In its creation, this breed was a working dog, first of all. But, because of its fast expansion, the German Shepherd Dog was separated in twice. At this time, certain breeders quickly turned to the exhibitions (dogs shows), whereas the others continued in the unique purpose of work. There are thus two lineages which we call the lineages said about beauty and the lineages said about work.

Show lines (beauty lines)

In the lineages said about beauty, dogs reproduce as a result of their morphology and of their temperament. From 4 months, they are presented in exhibition (dogs shows) to win titles. Later, if they are in accordance with the standard of the breed, they can reproduce. These shepherds have an excellent morphology, a well balanced structure, a very good temperament deserving the breed and a strong pigmentation. We find, generally, the black and tan color, with a lot of variations.

Working lines

In these lineages, as we saw it, dogs are raised because of their capacity to make the wanted tasks. They are working dogs. They are present in Schutzhund, in Ring, in the field with a professional shepherd, in rescue, the army, for the police, etc. These German Shepherd Dog are raised by their temperament (their very strong protection instinct), their facility of learning, their attention and their intelligence. On the other hand, they are often neglected with the morphology. We meet, in these lineages full black color, the two colored (bicolor) and grey (sable). The black and the tan, such as we know him, is little present in this lineage.

''Maybach STASI'', a beautiful dog
owned by Kennel STASI.
The breeders of the show lines often reproduce just for the beauty of the dog. As for the working breeders, they do not often pay attention on the morphology of their German Shepherd Dog. As a result the dogs of beauty have all the necessary morphology but not enough temperament (instinct of predation). As for the working shepherds, they almost have no morphology and a lot of temperament. This is true for the most part of dogs, but not for all.

But, in Germany, the breed was selected for its temperament and for its morphology, which corresponds to Körung (Körklasse), which the Capitaine von Stephanitz established in 1922. This selection survived the breed. That is why that the dogs of Germany are strong in temperament (instinct) and that they keep (preserve) their beautiful morphology. I do not understand why we distinguish another two lineages. If the German Shepherd Dog of "beauty" or "work" has its Körklasse 1 (Kkl1) in hand, it is because it is capable of working, because it already possesses its first level of Schutzhund (now IPO). Then show lines have true value than working lines. They belong to the breeders to pay attention on the fact that they reproduce and to be correctly on their plan of breeding.

Pamella Villeneuve

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