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The officials colors of German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd appears under diverse colors given by the german standard. Here, I present you in images colors for this race.

Black and Tan

The black and tan is the most common color for the German shepherd. We find several different nuances, as the black and brown, the black and red, the black and yellow. Here are examples of these nuances.

Black and red

''Count Ustinov v.d. Ybajo Hoeve'', owned by Kennel v.d. Ybajo Hoeve.

Black and brown

''Cello du Moulin du Kronthal'', a beautiful dog come from, l'élevage du Moulin du Kronthal.

Black and yellow

This nuance is very pale, it aims on the light yellow a lot.

The ''sable'' color (gray)

The ''sable'' dark gray
''Herat STASI'' and ''Maybach STASI'', two beautiful dogs owned by Kennel STASI.

The ''sable'' light gray

''Franzi von der Fasanerie'', owned by Zwinger v.d. Fasanerie2000.


''Yugo vom Kabuschsee'', impressive bicolor dog owned by Kennel ''STASI''.

Noir solide

''Paska vom Salztalblick'', black color owned by Zwinger vom Salztalblick.

''Seraphim STASI'', owned by Kennel ''STASI''.

White color - Solid white

It is excludes from the german standard the white color, it is not thus a part of the German standard and it is a motive for disqualification. Any white German shepherd of color is thus eliminated from the reproduction.

Colors diluted with the white as the "silver", "cream", "blue", etc., do not exist in the standard of the German shepherd and they are a motive eliminating dogs. These subjects cannot reproduce. They are totally excluded from the German standard.

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