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The German Shepherd Dog is a wonderful and very general-purpose breed ! She was built on very precise criteria which captain Max Emile Friedrich von Stéphanitz established. The German Shepherd Dog is built to work (sheepdog before any). But it is obvious that the GSD can very well make an excellent company's dog. The GSD sees their master (teacher) as their God. They have a total admiration to them, it is thus for it that they like pleasing them and that they are always ready to defend and protect them any time !

German Shepherd Dog are natural protective and dominant. They are very territorial and whoever ventures on his territory, keeps guards for him !

The German Shepherd Dog will remain very suspicious to the strangers and it will remain very attentive to its master and to the slightest aggressive sign on behalf of the foreigner, it will pass in the defense, even if it was never trained for it ! That's the right character of the German Shepherd Dog !

This dog is exlusif to its master, it is for that reason that we say about this dog that it has only single master for life ! He possesses a completely natural instinct of protection, it is in the blood ! He is so exclusive, that he can become hyperprotective, possessive and can show himself jealous. We meet these character traits particularly to females. The German Shepherd Dog can so become attached to its master, that it becomes a "glue". He is natural dominant, tough, strong, meaning, intelligent and he possesses an excellent temperament for competition.

Master, for the German shepherd, is a guide and he follows this guide because he trusts him and he will make all of which his guide orders him to make and it, blindly ! Because the German Shepherd Dog totally trusts its master, he is ready for everything for him ! But if we deceive him, he closes.

The GSD can very well live outside as indoor. However, he has to make of the exercise to be able to be in shape, so morally speaking as on the physical plan. So, he can lives inside, even in an apartment, provided that he can lives beside its master. Indeed, this breed asks only to live beside its master. If he is not present, he sinks in annoys.

Female's character

It is necessary to put itself in the spirit that females are much more protective, that males, to their masters, their family, their house and their territory. It is always necessary to remind itself that German Shepherd Dog see their master as a God. It is for it that females can become hyperdefenders, jealous persons and even possessive. My bitch Éka, was an example. She was possessive and even very jealous. When a person approached me, she scolded and showed fangs. She did not want that the person approaches me. Naturally, I had the authority on Éka and she knew how to stop when I said to her that it was enough. But, to make the meeting moved closer to a person with me, it owed being Éka who went to see these foreigner, in the first one. If she felt (smelt) that the person was correct, she stopped her avertisements and she became passive. But if she felt a threat, Éka showed it to me. She spoke to me through her diverse sounds of rumblings and about her diverse facial expressions. I owed listen to it ! She was right most of the time and rare are the times when she made a mistake !

But naturally, we have to make the difference between a jealousy, a warning and even the dominance. When I caressed another dog, I had to put her aside, to avoid any attempts of aggression on behalf of my bitch. Because she was hyperprotective, she became jealous if I paid attention on another dog. The jealousy is a part of the hyperprotection of the German Shepherd Dog. Females are so, but naturally, we can meet this same behavior to males.

Male's character

Males are naturally dominant, but they show themselves often selfish. They can be sometimes "stupid dog'' and independent. Males are more resistant with the stress and the pain. But, they can become, sometimes, more difficult to manage. Effectively, males tend to behave a little too much "leader of pack". Thus, he needs a person capable of being firm with him and of putting back (handing) him to his place. The German Shepherd Dog is a naturally dominant breed, she is very well adapted to the diverse dog's sports like : french Ring, the Schutzhund (now the IPO), tracking, Mondioring, agility, etc.

As described him so well von Stephanitz, Horand was attentive to its circle of acquaintances and to the slightest signs of its master. But, delivered to himself, he became quarrelsome one wild. He was always in movement and was always very attentive to what took place in the surroundings. My first female was like that also, then we can meet the same behavior to a female. Even if she slept or even if she was exhausted by our inombrables hours of games, in the slightest small rustles in the house, she got up and went to see what took place. Brave and not being cold with eyes, she faced all the situations brilliantly !

They are for these diverse qualities of this breed (and even of its defects !), that I adore the German Shepherd Dog and that I shall have the other subjects of this breed again and again ! I like knowing him near me and feeling protected well. When I have this dog near me, I feel quiet and in safety (security). I have the impression to understand him and to speak to him by looking at him in eyes because, if we remain attentive to his dog, if we look at him very attentively in eyes hanging a few minutes, we can "see" what he says to us, we can "see" through his soul. It is necessary to listen to our dog, he speaks to us ! Here is all that is the German Shepherd Dog !

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